The art of flying trained birds of prey after wild quarry is alive and well in the United States. Imagine the thrill of walking through a field with a falcon “waiting on” flying above your head at 1,000 feet or higher--waiting for you to flush a pheasant you know is there because your well trained pointers have indicated so. The falcon is in the proper position, you flush the game, the falcon turns and begins its head first dive or stoop, your adrenaline is rushing, The next thing you know the falcon hits the pheasant in the air, binds to it, then carries it to the ground where she will patiently await her reward. Picture yourself walking through a field hitting every piece of brush, trying to flush out rabbits. Your Harris Hawk is following you from tree to tree, waiting and anticipating the flushing of game. Suddenly a rabbit breaks from the brush, the hawk quickly takes off, and turns to chase the rabbit in aggressive pursuit. Eventually the rabbit out maneuvers the hawk, he turns in mid-air and returns to your glove for a small reward.

This is Falconry...

Our Mission

Currently, falconry is an art practiced by a handful of dedicated falconers in the United States. It has a long history that is full of tradition and lore. At The Falconry & Raptor Education Foundation we are dedicated to preserving, advancing and teaching the ancient art of falconry.

Core Beliefs

ImageAt The Falconry & Raptor Education Foundation, we believe that if falconry is to continue to grow and flourish the general public must be taught, through exposure, about both birds of prey and falconry. Hal Webster, a prominent American falconer says in his latest book, "Falconry, because of the small number of practitioners, will achieve strength and recognition ONLY through strong, central sports groups of dedicated individuals." At the Falconry & Raptor Education Foundation we believe the more people that understand the true nature of the sport the stronger the sport will be in the long term. The Falconry & Raptor Education Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to The advancing of two principles, Understanding through Exposure and Excellence through Education.

ImageThe staff of The Falconry & Raptor Education Foundation uses a variety of programs to foster understanding through exposure. Whether we are talking to a group of United States Legislators, CEO's from some of America's largest corporations or a fifth grade class in an rural school, our primary goal is to spark a new understanding for both birds of prey and falconry. In addition to exposing a wide variety of people to falconry, we also strive to promote excellence through education. The goal of excellence through education is really twofold. First, we aim to provide the new or aspiring falconer an opportunity to truly excel at this ancient sport. Second, by obtaining all the facts up front an interested individual may decide very quickly that they are not cut out for an endeavor as intensive as falconry. We believe that through education there will be a new generation of young falconers excelling at the sport that has no comparison. We also believe that through education we will also develop a group of non-falconers who understand and value the falconer's need to commune with nature.